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Which Health Insurance Plan is Ideal for Me?

Smart Choice is a comprehensive, research-based, unbiased online educational workshop created by University of Maryland that equips consumers with the tools they need to make the best possible decision when navigating issues involving the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance marketplace and how to choose a health insurance plan that makes sense for themselves and their families. The workshop is held throughout New Mexico. For more information, contact NMSU Cooperative Extension Health Specialist Dr. Sonja Koukel,, 575-646-3006.

Our Smart Choice trained Home Economists are:

  • Karim Martinez (, 575-525-6649), Dona Ana County Extension Office
  • Kelly Knight ( 575-437-0231), Otero County Extension Office
  • Laura Bittner (, 505) 565-3002), Valencia County Extension Office
  • Connie Moyers (, 575-356-4417), Roosevelt County Extension Office
  • Glenda Belcher (, 575-763-6505 or 762-0296), Curry County Extension Office
  • Nicole Lujan (, 505-867-2582 or 2951), Sandoval County Extension Office

With the help of the Smart Choice for Health Insurance curriculum consumers will be able to answer the three important questions when making a Smart Choice health insurance decision:

WHY: Why do I need health insurance? Why is it important?

WHAT: What do I need and want? What are my choices?

HOW: How much will it cost? How much can I afford?

The Smart Choice workshop offers tools to give people confidence and help them build their smart shopping skills. Through Smart Choice, participants will find tools they can use, such as:

  • Definitions you will need to understand health insurance
  • Sample insurance plans to show how insurance plan information will look
  • Case studies to help illustrate how individuals in certain situations assess their health insurance needs
  • Sample insurance plans to show how insurance plan information will look
  • Worksheets to help you make your own Smart Choice insurance purchasing decision. Worksheets include My Health Insurance Needs; My Health Insurance Plan Comparison; My Monthly Spending Plan

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